Finished precision models

Finished precision models

Finished precision models have myriad uses. Developers may use these detailed models to help developers sell their project to prospective purchases and to boards responsible for approving projects. They give a realistic impression of the project in its anticipated completed state, including specific textures, colors, landscaping and site topography.

The model above was a variation on the finished model that featured clear walls instead of the solid walls that were actually to be constructed. Making the model transparent allowed prospective members of the physical fitness facility to see all its amenities.

The photos below are of a model of a large scale oceanfront development. The developers had to show the commissioners voting on the project that it would have minimal visual impact from the road. A detailed depiction of the topography showing the placement of the road made it possible to demonstrate this.

The house below was built for the owner of a single family home who wanted a replica of his new home.


The following model was built to demonstrate that the project was within the guidelines of an historical district.

2012_11_17_14_15_350001   2012_11_17_14_15_350001-001