About me

There’s something incredibly appealing about having models of your projects built using media you can physically touch.

I am a professional custom fabricator and model builder with a rich history of producing top quality scale models, exhibits and props. My experience goes back more than twenty-five years.

My services include:

  • massing and study models for the preliminary development of a product
  • fully detailed finished models
  • marketing and presentation models
  • topographic models and model bases for architectural models
  • repairs and revisions to existing models

Construction materials are primarily plastics: acrylic, styrene, PVC and ABS.  Because it is less durable, we do not use wood for models unless it is requested by the customer.  I use computer generated files for laser cutting, metal etching, silk screening, dry transfers and water cutting as required.

The following link provides a list of preliminary information needed to provide a bid. Please email the completed sheet to vdeeb@3-DModelSolutions.com, or call 850-255-6908 for more information. bid sheet

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